Visual Agency facilitates workshops and courses that stimulate dialogue, creative thinking and community-building through visual communication. In an increasingly disconnected society, where individualism and new technologies move people away from each other, Visual Agency aims to bring people together around the table to learn, share and develop new relationships. Collaborative drawing helps to engage with strangers, turning them into friends while engaging in discussions on important societal issues. From community and team-building to networking, Visual Agency is about stimulating curiosity, creativity and collaboration.


Visual Agency [vizh-oo-uh l ey-juh n-see]
adjective + noun
1. to achieve visual agency is to feel empowered to think and act through creative visual expression of one's ideas in dialogue with others.
2. a creative initiative that provides facilitation of group meetings by using visual communication as method to achieve better collaboration with as goal transformative change (see 1).

Upcoming Workshops

Developing Your Creativity Course | Aug-Sept 2017

Do you want to learn more about the creative thinking process? Are you seeking inspiration and ideas to push your projects further? And do you miss connecting face-to-face with people who share similar interests? Then this course might be for you! read more →Be quick, as the deadline to sign up is Monday the 7th of August!


Visual Thinking Workshop | Upcycling kills the economy | 20 Aug 2017

"Upcycling kills the economy." Do you agree? If not, why and when was the last time you chose to use an unwanted item rather than buying a new one? Join me in this visual debate that I am facilitating together with the Copenhagen Debaters Meetup on Sunday the 20th of August!

This will be much more than a debate: I am bringing my Visual Agency toolbox to bring visual communication to the table so we can visually connect our different perspectives. The debate will take the form of the World Cafe - "a powerful social technology for engaging people in conversations that matter, offering an effective antidote to the fast-paced fragmentation and lack of connection in today’s world". Join this debate by signing up for one of the 10 available placesRSVP (for free) on the Visual Agency Meetup page →:


NB: if the event is fully booked, check if there are still free spaces on the Copenhagen Debaters Meetup group.


Potluck & PechaKucha Reunion Event | 25 Aug 2017

Visual Agency is inviting all past participants to an evening of presentations and homemade food to celebrate one year of creative workshops. If you have engaged in an event in the past, you will receive a personal invitation to this exciting community event.



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