Visual Agency facilitates workshops and courses that stimulate dialogue, creative thinking and community-building through visual communication. In an increasingly disconnected society, where individualism and new technologies move people away from each other, Visual Agency aims to bring people together around the table to learn, share and develop new relationships. Collaborative drawing helps to engage with others and to discuss complex societal, political and cultural issues. Whether it's team-building, networking or educational sessions, Visual Agency is about stimulating curiosity, creativity and collaboration. read more


Visual Agency [vizh-oo-uh l ey-juh n-see]
adjective + noun
1. to achieve visual agency is to feel empowered to think and act through creative visual expression of one's ideas in dialogue with others.
2. a creative initiative that provides facilitation of group meetings by using visual communication as method to achieve better collaboration with as goal transformative change (see 1).

Upcoming Events

September 2018 | Life is Not a Game. Let's Play!

A series of 8 new Visual Games are planned for September, so get ready to play! The theme is contemporary life with all its intricacies, from friendship and love to happiness. How do we deal with these big issues in times of increasing disconnection, fear and expectations? Find out more about the workshops and sign up here.



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